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Where Print, Magazine Media, and Direct Mail Come Together

We Take the Power of Full Color Gloss Paper Print,
With the Attention Grabbing Strength of Magazine Media Editorial
And Finish It Off with the Impact of Localized Direct Mail Distribution
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The Shopper is a monthly publication dedicated to providing information and special interests targeted to specific areas. Filled with money saving coupons and special offers from local businesses, it is also pocketbook friendly for the budget conscious. Adding to its appeal are localized articles, an event calendar and our featured recipe of the month. Specialty guides inform our readers about where to go, what to do and what’s on the menu.

The innovative, disproportionate size of Shopper dominates the mailbox. With full color ads and editorial on gloss paper, the design is aesthetically pleasing.

Shoppers allow advertisers to introduce themselves to local consumers and tell them what they have to offer. With a variety of ad sizes, it is the perfect advertising media to help our clients grow their business with an affordable venue.