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Where Print, Magazine Media, and Direct Mail Come Together

We Take the Power of Full Color Gloss Paper Print,
With the Attention Grabbing Strength of Magazine Media Editorial
And Finish It Off with the Impact of Localized Direct Mail Distribution
The Results… A Superior Advertising Medium at An Economical Rate


“The Shoppers have been successful for us since we started with them in 2013. The large format in the mailbox helps to be seen.” -Bruce Weigan

“I love the localized dynamics of the Shopper. It really helps me get my company out in front of the people right here, where I am at. We have used it many times and plan to keep on using the Shopper for the great exposure we receive from it.” -Reggie Dickerson (Glen Allen)

“We love the Shopper. It gives us great exposure to the community we love to serve. The Shopper continues to introduce our business to those who aren’t familiar with us.” –Kyle Crowder


Each Shopper has Editorial content, such as local and special lifestyle articles, recipes, dining guides, event calendars and more.
The Shopper’s extra large format makes it stand out and dominate the mailbox. Each Shopper is mailed to over 12,000 homes in it’s designated
area every month.

Editorial is a powerful marketing tool. You can use this powerful tool when you purchase the front page article. Let us tell your story and educate our reader about you and your business.

Purchase the Front Page Article, Editorial educates the reader and is Very Powerful


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